Women's Consignment


Serendipity Consignment Boutique will select only the highest quality pre-owned, New With Tags and New Without Tags clothing. All articles must be free from stains, rips, tears, shedding, fading and odors. They must be freshly laundered and on hangers. Serendipity Consignment reserves the right to reject any items. A maximum of 30 items per visit will be accepted.


Serendipity Consignment Boutique accepts jewelry, purses, hats, belts, shoes, boots, scarves, etc. All items are to be in pristine condition. As with the clothing, Serendipity Consignment Boutique reserves the right to reject any items.


Serendipity Consignment Boutique will price your merchandise to bring you fair market value while offering good value to our customers. Pricing will be determined by age, label, condition and demand. Consigners will receive 50% of the selling price for a period up to 60 days. All items left beyond 60 days will become the absolute property of Serendipity Consignment Boutique. Those items not sold will be donated to a local women's organization. Formal wear may be kept up to 6 months. Serendipity Consignment Boutique reserves the right to mark down items as needed unless otherwise pre-negotiated with the consignor. Payout checks will be mailed by the 20th of every month assuming a minimum payout of $20. A $1.50 processing fee will be deducted for every check issued. Cash payouts can be obtained in the store at anytime without a fee.

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